One Month After Launch

It’s been about a month and a half since I launched and I recently pulled together a bunch of my Bidsketch numbers to prepare for a case study I did with Rob Walling, for the Micropreneur Academy.

Other than my conversion rate, all of my numbers continue to rise, even though I’m past that initial launch phase. I’m almost at 600 users right now, 16k+ visits for the month, and some unknown number of writeups 🙂 Yesterday I received 3 writeups from PR3 or better blogs, but I’d like to see how many I’ve received in total so far.

I’m considering playing around with my Free plan, to see what that does to my conversion rate. I was also considering adding a pay-as-you-go pricing option, but after taking a closer look at this, it’s much more difficult to implement than I thought it would be. I’ll come back to that after I release version 2 of Bidsketch.

I’ll take a couple of weeks for some minor enhancements, analytics work with KISSmetrics (which is awesome, I’ll blog about this later), and then I’ll start on version 2 of Bidsketch!

So far, things have been going much better than I envisioned at this early stage; I just need to continue showing activity with Bidsketch to keep that positive momentum going.

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