Vacation and Support

This March I’ll very likely be heading out of the country.

It looks like my wife and I will be flying to Switzerland for a few days, then Italy for 3 days. That would leave time for one more country. We haven’t decided which one yet, and might leave this open so we can decide while we’re over there. I’m not a big on thoroughly planning my vacations if you can’t tell.

I do have a live product with paying customers now, so I’ll need to make arrangements to ensure everything runs smoothly while I’m gone. I have a 13″ Laptop that I’ll be taking with me and plan on staying in hotels where they have WIFI available.

I haven’t worked out all of the details yet but it doesn’t seem like any of this will pose a problem. It’s nothing I’ve had to deal with before, but I’m very glad I have a successful product that I have to worry about now.

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