Mixergy: Great Entrepreneur Video Interviews

A few weeks ago one of the Micropreneur Academy members posted a link to one of the best resources I’ve found.


There are just some amazingly great interviews in there. I really like Andrew Warner’s (the founder) energy, and interview style. Excellent stuff that every entrepreneur should check out.

4 thoughts on “Mixergy: Great Entrepreneur Video Interviews

  1. This compliment means so much to me because I admire your writing and think your web app is stunning. Knowing you find value in my work lets me know I’m on the right track.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Andrew! You’re definitely on the right track. Initially I was watching the interviews for inspiration, but I’ve been surprised at how much value I’ve actually extracted from them.

      For example, I recently finished watching Ramit Sethi on Mixergy and it’s crazy how much I got out of that interview: http://mixergy.com/wsj-press/

      There are several others like that. Great stuff.

  2. Thanks Ted! Yeah, that Paul Singh interview is just great. One of my all time favorites (if not my favorite).

    Glad some of what I write here can serve as motivation 🙂

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