Too Much to Do

Ok, I now have a couple of weeks left and I still have an incredible amount of work to do. I’m going to have to remove some incomplete features to make my deadline or I’ll never make it. The good thing is that a lot of the code is there so I have a head start once I add those features back. So I’m pretty much launching with a barebones feature set. I have to.

Still, there’s about 25% left of the app to finish. Outside of that, I still haven’t touched any of the stuff I mentioned before (sales site, billing stuff, etc.) Maybe I shouldn’t have taken on  a rewrite of the most important and largest part of the app. I’m sure it’ll be worth the effort, though my timing could’ve been better.

On the bright side, my email list has grown to 120+ emails! Most of those have come in the last two months, I had an awesome increase of signups by doing a couple of simple things. I’ll post more about that when I get some free time. Now, back to work for me!

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