Private Beta Update

These days I’m pretty busy wrapping up Bidsketch so I’ll just post a quick update on how I’m getting ready for the launch.

Initially I was going to launch to a public beta, slap a feedback form on my product and hope for great feedback. Two weeks of feedback and bug fixes/small enhancements would then put me in a place for the actual launch. 

A couple of things were making me uncomfortable about this. One of them was pricing (when to introduce or talk about it), the other was getting enough quality feedback. I’m enrolled in the Micropreneur Academy, and Rob has done this stuff a hundred times, so as usual I went to him for advice on this one. 

After talking it over with him, I came away with an awesome launch strategy. I’m even more excited about launching now; I can’t wait!

One of the things that came out of that was that changing it from a public to a private beta might help get the sort of feedback I was looking for. 

Slight Problem

One minor issue was that I recently added the option for people to opt-in to the beta when Bidsketch is ready. I found that 34 people had made their way into this list. That number is much higher than I expected, being that I added this option not too long ago. It’s actually very good thing, it means someone might actually pay for this 🙂

What was the solution?

I sent out the following email to the beta list:

Bidsketch is nearing private beta and I’m sending this email because you asked to be notified. Unfortunately I’ve received more signups for the beta than I had expected so I only have six available spots left.

If you’re really interested in giving feedback and testing the beta, please respond to this email. Everyone else will receive exclusive pre-launch access to Bidsketch before it goes live, but after the beta period.

Thanks and I’ll see you in a few weeks!

Ruben Gamez
Bidsketch – Simple proposal software made for designers.

 The responses I received back from that have been great — people are excited about it! I have to say that it’s extra motivating at this point to get that sort of response.

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