Bidsketch is Live!

I’ve just launched Bidsketch!

It’s been a very exciting day today. Last night I was starting to get nervous thinking that no one would sign up for either the premium or free accounts. The premium is just $9/month which is really low, but it’ll be going up in three days.

The URL currently is:

Signups have completely exceeded my expectations, and the feedback I’ve received has been awesome. I’m feeling pretty good about things right now 🙂

Anyways, I’m taking the rest of the night off but I’ll follow up with a post about my launch strategy later.

It just hit me that this will be the last post that I put in the “Before Launch” blog category. 🙂

Bidsketch Sales Website

This weekend I got to work on the Bidsketch sales website. I’ve made decent progress so far; in fact I could possibly be done with the sales website by tomorrow night. I’ll still have to set up WordPress on my production server, but that shouldn’t be too bad.

I figured I’d show an early screenshot of what the home page looks like right now:

Bidsketch Sales Site

SixCentral Update

So it’s been a few days since I posted the big news about my first acquisition. The last few days I’ve been lost in emails, tweets, and survey results.

At this point I have two proposal SaaS based apps that focus on designers. Obviously lots of overlap and I’m not going to be able to keep every part of both of these apps.

All of my research has led me to these conclusions about SixCentral:

  • Users are disappointed in the lack of proposal features.
  • Some people like invoicing built in, others would prefer integration to apps like Freshbooks.
  • Client portal is a great feature.
  • Users are disappointed in the lack of proposal features.

I repeated the lack of proposal features item twice because it’s the one most people are talking about. This is exactly where Bidsketch shines, so I’ve decided to move forward with Bidsketch as version 2 of SixCentral. I’m going to add some of the missing SixCentral features into Bidsketch to give users the best of both apps.

My decision was based on the fact that the proposal creation features that people want took a very long time to build into Bidsketch. It’s much easier (and faster) to add invoicing and a client portal to Bidsketch.

Which brand will I be using? Not sure right now. I still have some more thinking to do but I’ll post an update once I’ve decided.

In the meantime I’ll be focusing on getting ready for the official Bidsketch pre-launch! 🙂

Something Big Just Happened

I’ve just made my first acquisition!

Not only that but it’s a product in my niche. Not just in my niche, but it’s web based proposal software — just like Bidsketch. It’s called SixCentral and it’s pretty impressive stuff.

Here’s the official announcement I made on the Bidsketch blog:

Here’s the announcement on the SixCentral blog:

There’s lots to do and think about right now. I’ll post later with more details on where this is heading!

Flash Intro for My Screencast

I’m sure I have better things to do, but I did some work on the Bidsketch screencast tonight. I didn’t get too far with the actual video or the script, but I feel pretty comfortable with the software now.

Reading the screencast lesson posted by Ian Ozsvald in the Academy, I came across this this excellent 9 part tutorial he came up with:

Somewhere in there  (or in the Academy lesson, I can’t remember) he talks about inserting some sort of slide at the start of your screencast. I thought it sounded like a pretty neat idea so I opened up Flash (which I haven’t used since version 1) and decided to create something for exactly that purpose.

Here it is:

Bidsketch Flash Intro