My LessConf Experience

I just got back from LessConf in Atlanta this Sunday. Wow. That really kicked ass!

There was so much great stuff I can’t possibly list it all. But I met some really cool people over there; I even finally got to meet and hang out with Peldi from Balsamiq who I’m a big fan of.

As far as the accommodations were concerned, the hotel was ridiculously roomy. There was even a bedroom and full kitchen! All for $100 a night.

There were a couple of parties at night though I was only able to make it the first one which was co-sponsored by one of my favorite products of all time: MailChimp.

What about the speakers?

Top-notch. Really inspiring stuff. My two favorite talks:

  • Cameron Moll — His talk was focused on design, creativity, and inspiration. Someone mentioned that it felt like a TED talk; I have to agree, except that it was longer (which was great) than most TED talks.
  • Peldi from Balsamiq — Now, I’ve read all of Peldi’s blog and have seen a couple of his interviews so I thought it would be similar to Jason Fried and DHH’s Q&A where I could guess what was coming next. I was completely wrong. The talk was funny, inspiring, and got me thinking differently about Bidsketch from a long term strategy perspective.  Absolutely awesome stuff.

All in all, it was a great experience and I’m glad I went out of my way to make it. I’ll definitely be going to the next one wherever it may be.

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