One Week After Launch

So it’s been a week after launch, and I’ve not had much time to do any development. Most of my time has been taken up responding to emails, hacking my sales website, introducing a new plan, and sending emails out to my lists.

Today I introduced a $9/month pricing plan. Now I have the following plans: Free, $19/month, and $9/month.

One surprising thing about increasing the Premium Plan price to $19/month is that I’m still making sales. I honestly thought they’d stop coming in after that. I haven’t had a great deal of them, but much more than I thought I would.

I feel like I’m underpriced here, but I recently launched and I’m more interested in getting enough users to see patterns in the feedback that I’m getting. So far so good 🙂

I’m still very cautious, and I expect to hit tough times any day soon, in the meantime I’m enjoying getting sales! 🙂

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