Sales Figures at 3 Weeks

Ok so I’ve been live for about 3 weeks now and I have over 250 users on Bidsketch. About 20% of those are paid accounts, most are on the premium plan.

I’ve introduced a Basic plan but I’ve received very fews signups on that plan even though I had people say they were going to sign up.

Currently trying out some A/B testing to see what the difference between 3 plans (Premium, Basic, and Free) vs. 2 plans (Premium and Free) is like. So far the numbers indicate their isn’t much of a difference at all. Not what I expected!

Next up, I’m going to do some A/B testing with the Free plan. Certain SaaS based apps have taken away the free plan (or hidden it). I’d like to see what the impact of this is on sales.

The reason why I’m trying all this stuff out? Sales have slowed dramatically in the last couple of weeks. I’ve been working on a couple of features people have been asking for which might help with that.

My plan to help keep things moving on the sales site:

  • Get a couple of bloggers to write about Bidsketch.
  • A/B test the hell out of the pricing page.
  • Work on ways to convert the free account users.
  • Improve sales website, update videos, etc.

Unfortunately, this isn’t all I’m doing. I have to show activity by releasing new features at least every other week — activity early on is critical.

I’ll follow up in a couple of weeks with an update on what I’ve gained with my efforts 🙂

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