Flash Intro for My Screencast

I’m sure I have better things to do, but I did some work on the Bidsketch screencast tonight. I didn’t get too far with the actual video or the script, but I feel pretty comfortable with the software now.

Reading the screencast lesson posted by Ian Ozsvald in the Academy, I came across this this excellent 9 part tutorial he came up with:


Somewhere in there  (or in the Academy lesson, I can’t remember) he talks about inserting some sort of slide at the start of your screencast. I thought it sounded like a pretty neat idea so I opened up Flash (which I haven’t used since version 1) and decided to create something for exactly that purpose.

Here it is:

Bidsketch Flash Intro

4 thoughts on “Flash Intro for My Screencast

  1. Hi Ruben. I’m glad you found my Micropreneur article and screencast tutorial series to be useful 🙂
    You will probably be interested in my latest project – I’m writing The Screencasting Handbook. The handbook will teach you everything you need to know about screencasting, I’ve also setup a Google Group for anyone to join (currently 35 members with lots of helpful discussion about my early handbook drafts).
    Re. your Flash intro – it looks good, nice job 🙂 If you wanted to join the Group and share some of your tips, I’m sure some of the others would love to hear about using Flash (I for one have never used Flash so I’d be curious too!).

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