Pre-Launch Update

So far so good. I’ve received some great feedback and I’ve had a lot more people sign up than I thought would 🙂

So far, my visitor to account signup conversion rate is at about 25%! And about half of those are paid accounts.

I received some “media buzz” from

Blog post

Product review

There’s one more day left for users to sign up and get the $9/month price. After that I’m going to redirect everything to “www”, and raise the price. I was going to raise it to $19/month right off the bat, but I’m going to try out $14/month first. That way I can see what sort of effect going to $19 has on my conversion rate.

These last two days have been awesome. Lots of great feedback and I’ve talked to some really enthusiastic new users.

Oh, I kind of slacked off on emailing bloggers for a website review but I’ll be putting in around 30 mins each day to try to get some mentions going.

I’ll be posting another update after I move everything to “www”.

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