No Time to Learn?

I continue to be amazed by people that complain about the lack of free time because the day job sucks the life out of them. They say that they just have enough time to make dinner and relax at night.

I’m not sure I buy that.

I mean, you can get home and eat dinner by 7 PM (or maybe 8 PM) right? If you’re a TV watcher, then watching TV while eating dinner should get you your fix.

What happens after that? Looks like there’s plenty of time to read a book or make some money on the side if you ask me.

I have a full time job, a web based business, and I still find plenty of time to “read” books like crazy. Well, I only really read about thirty minutes to an hour each night before I go to sleep. That stuff is usually fiction. I rely on my iPhone to catch up on the non-fiction stuff during the day when I would normally be wasting time.

It’s amazing how much material you can go through if you listen to audio while doing chores, grocery shopping, or driving.

For instance, at lunch time I’ll start playing my audiobook in my car on my drive to the sub shop. As soon as I get there, I slap on my ear buds and start listening on my iPhone. I do this while waiting in line and paying for my food. I’ll pause it just long enough to get my order in.

This is what I do most everywhere I go. Yeah, it sometimes annoys people when they have to wait for me to hit pause. Big deal. I’d rather piss off a few people than completely waste my time just waiting in line.

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