Amazon Usability Failure

I love Amazon. I think it’s one of the best websites you’ll find when it comes to usability.

But there’s one thing that’s been bugging me for years now.

Amazon Login

It’s this screen right here.

I completely, absolutely, hate it. 

Today I was checking out a book from Amazon when I encountered this screen. This is what comes up during the checkout process if you’re not already logged in. My beef with this screen is usability related. 

You see, I always enter my email and password on this screen without clicking on the appropriate radio button. I’m not used to having a radio button on a login box; it’s just stupid.

So when I submit the form I receive this error message:

Amazon Message

This happens so much, they needed a special error message telling users they’re not doing the right thing. That seems like a major screwup from a company that’s usually awesome at usability. 

Of course, I wasn’t so mad that I didn’t make my purchase. I simply grumbled a bit and clicked on the right option before resubmiting the form 🙂

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