The Brand Gap

I was reading a book called Inbound Marketing by Dharmesh Shah. I’m a huge Dharmesh fan but I’ll admit that this book is a little light weight for me. Maybe I’m not the intended audience, or maybe it gets into more advanced topics later on. In any case, I’ve put it on hold to start reading The Brand Gap.

I’m about two chapters in so far and this book is fantastic! I’m very glad I picked it up; it’s one of those books that makes me take notes every few paragraphs.

Light Reading to Avoid Getting Pw0n3d

With the average survival time for an unprotected machine coming in at under 10 minutes, I’ve traded in my late night fiction reading for stories of hackers and their exploits. 

I figure it’s a fun way to learn something about  securing my web based business before I launch. In no way is this a substitute for learning how to secure my code, it’s more of a supplement than anything. 

My current reading list: